Brokerage Services

We ensure that our clients always enjoy the best Brokerage Service available including direct access to the Local Stock Exchange in Guyana. In addition, through our International Brokerage Network, we are able to provide access to a wide variety of Regional and International Investment options for all the clients we serve.

Investment Management Services

We serve both Individual and Institutional clients throughout the Region. We support all our client's investment needs and objectives with leading market research, trade execution and reliable investor support services.

Merchant Banking

As a premier Merchant Bank in Guyana, we deliver strategic financial services & solutions, including raising capital, risk management and project financing to Companies and Institutions.

We strive to maintain our leadership status by continuously improving our financial strategies and structures to adapt to the changing financial environment and changing clients' needs.

We provide investment guidance to all levels of Investors, Pension Plan, National Insurance Boards, Mutual Funds, Banks & Individual Investors.