About Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc.

Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Head Office

Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc., formerly Guyana Finance Corporation Limited, was incorporated as a limited liability company on May 22, 1995 under the Companies Act 1991 of May 27, 1997

By Special Resolution on July 30, 1998 the Company's name was changed to Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc.

The Company was licensed by the Bank of Guyana under section 6 (2) of the Financial Institutions Act 1995 to carry on non-depository financial business in Guyana with the exception of Trust business effective March 16, 2001 and opened for business on June 26, 2001.

The Company, having been Registered under section 47 (1) of the Securities Industry Act 1998 to carry on Business as a Broker with effect from July 16, 2003 was admitted to membership of the Guyana Association of Securities Companies and Intermediaries Incorporated in accordance with Rule 3.04

Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc. is a subsidiary of Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry.